5 reasons not to move your toddler to a big bed


It's been over a month now since we upgraded the toddler to a "big bed". If I said it was the best thing we have ever done I would be lying. Little Miss A had been happily sleeping in her cot. She never ever climbed out of it. As a matter of fact, none of my 4 children have. I guess they never inherited the monkey climbing gene from me. If you ever feel the need to upgrade your kid into a Continue Reading

High school already??


No way my first-born is going to high school. I swear I could put on a high school uniform and still fit in. That's only possible because I'm still as short as I used to be when I started year 7. Damn you short genes. I'm wider then used to be though. What they don't tell you though is that you have to know where you are sending your child at the beginning of year 6. I was stuck on this one Continue Reading

Back to blogging basics

One of my fav photos of the Photo shoot

I have put this blog at the back of my mind now. I really shouldn't and should start to at least post once a week. I just have to come up with something other than the business to blog about. Which is hard since most of my time is here at work as I type this here post. I also think that I have slowed down in posting because of my family. My family knows all about this blog now and they read it. Continue Reading

Homework sux


So theres this one thing thats grinding my gears lately. Homework. It was stupid when I was at school but its even more stupid now. I have 2 in late primary this year. One in yr 5 and one in yr 6. The homework they get isn't real homework to me. So this is what they get: Spelling list: Remember when you would get a spelling list of about 25-30 words and you had to Look, Cover, Write, Continue Reading

Building a business


Building a business is hard. It takes a toll on you and you wonder if it is doing any kind of good. You sometimes wonder that the things that you plan might not work. Or they will totally work and everything kicks off brilliantly. I wasn't feeling so positive a couple of days ago. Thinking about my budget because of a massive bill I just got from the real estate agent. Then my customers come in Continue Reading

Learning to adapt


School is back. Huzzah. I love school but wish it would go that little bit longer. Maybe an extra hour? In the afternoon not morning just to be more specific if anyone out there that has that control is reading this. Am I seriously the only mum out their that loves sending my kids to school? My 5 yr old started Kindi and she is loving it so far. She can't w ait to go back everyday. That will Continue Reading

Short and sweet.


Blogging has been at the back of my mind lately and I haven't had a dummy spit on here in a while. I seem to do that once something happens in my real life. Just goes to show that blogging for me really is a hobby that kept me busy as a SAHM. Now as a working mum it's gettting harder to find time to do stuff. Cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing.  I'm kidding I don't iron. I do the same Continue Reading

Dettol Giveaway


Disclosure Policy 3 So I wrote about my cleaning mishaps of the passed month or so. I want you to share your cleaning failures/mishaps. Don't leave me all alone sharing my dirty messy house habbits that have been happening recently. To win a Dettol pack like the one I got all you have to do is share your story below in the comments section. It could be after you had a baby and you let Continue Reading