So many things, So little time.


There's no doubt there are many frustrations for mums on a regular day.  I have gone through them myself. I have also been through many other frustrations that come with working 7 days a week and working most nights on the weekend. The weekly grocery shopping turns into the week and a half. Not so bad on the bank but bad when there are lunches to do and mouths to feed. We end up getting thai Continue Reading

Glamour girl fun


Disclosure policy 2 My kids love me to bits when I can get them something in the mail to trial. Something girly. Something new. And something different that no one has. My girls are very artsy unlike their mother. I bet they would write a better blog post then me. Plus I'm sure the 10 yr old is writing her own story at school about Most recent being a couple of stuff from the Glamour Girl Continue Reading

Missing the blogging world


I am totally missing the blogging world. Do you miss me? I miss the days that I could sit and do nothing but blogging. I miss the days when I could freely go to PR events and get stuff in the mail randomly. Although I have still got some random stuff in the mail from a company called Smiggles who are having red everything now. They have sparked a love in between my husband and Jaffers from the Continue Reading

They thought they would help me.


Little did they know that they were just marking the end of an era.   That's right my bratty tweens wrote me that letter. I found it on the night I had come home late after colouring my hair an awesome purple colour. I had had along day at work and wasn't ready to see that note. Some say that they are smart. Some say they have nice manners. I say they don't know me at ALL. The Continue Reading

5 reasons not to move your toddler to a big bed


It's been over a month now since we upgraded the toddler to a "big bed". If I said it was the best thing we have ever done I would be lying. Little Miss A had been happily sleeping in her cot. She never ever climbed out of it. As a matter of fact, none of my 4 children have. I guess they never inherited the monkey climbing gene from me. If you ever feel the need to upgrade your kid into a Continue Reading

High school already??


No way my first-born is going to high school. I swear I could put on a high school uniform and still fit in. That's only possible because I'm still as short as I used to be when I started year 7. Damn you short genes. I'm wider then used to be though. What they don't tell you though is that you have to know where you are sending your child at the beginning of year 6. I was stuck on this one Continue Reading

Back to blogging basics

One of my fav photos of the Photo shoot

I have put this blog at the back of my mind now. I really shouldn't and should start to at least post once a week. I just have to come up with something other than the business to blog about. Which is hard since most of my time is here at work as I type this here post. I also think that I have slowed down in posting because of my family. My family knows all about this blog now and they read it. Continue Reading

Homework sux


So theres this one thing thats grinding my gears lately. Homework. It was stupid when I was at school but its even more stupid now. I have 2 in late primary this year. One in yr 5 and one in yr 6. The homework they get isn't real homework to me. So this is what they get: Spelling list: Remember when you would get a spelling list of about 25-30 words and you had to Look, Cover, Write, Continue Reading