Importance of swimming lessons


I have felt really guilty recently. Bad mothers guilt. I haven't given my 2 youngest children the gift of survival in the water yet. In Australia there has to be a rule where every child has to be enrolled and taught how to swim by a certain age just like driving. It's something that will save their life's and possibly the life of others. My older two have known how to swim with no floaties Continue Reading

Shower stories 2

Seriously though who shaves their legs 2-3 times a week? Lucky to shave 2-3 times a month.

You know that time you get when your finally alone in the shower. Yeah doesn't happen that often but when it does you look down and see that an actual jungle is growing on your legs. Monkey's and all are hanging off them. They may be called your children but calling them monkey's goes with the environment that your legs are giving off. You have no idea how long you have before you get that Continue Reading

That Annoying Person


You know that annoying person that just makes you want to stop what you're doing cause they are ruining it. Yeah that person that's constantly stuck on what you're doing. Looking over you. By over you I mean always needing to look over your shoulders literally and want to read what you're reading. When you're into a good book or magazine or newspaper. Or even just a letter. That person is Continue Reading

Shower stories

Motherhood ecard

  As I sit here late on a Tuesday night with my music blaring David Guetta in my ears from you-tube with a Maxibon ice cream in hand, I find my self again wanting to blog about my shower stories. You see this shower was so funny I just had to share. I wanted to have a shower with no distractions. It's always the way when we have kids to be distracted 24/7. When we are in the Continue Reading

I cheated!


I just don't know what to say or how to say it but it's true. I cheated. It was just a spare of the moment type of thing that actually happened. Actually I lie. I have been thinking about doing it though for many many many months maybe a year. Didn't think I could come up with some way or excuse for why. It's just.......... it was sooooooo tempting. Kind of like the forbidden Continue Reading

The overreacting mother


I am a mother and like many others we label ourselves many things like "Bad mum" "Mother of the year" or the  "I have no idea" mum. But one thing we don't label ourselves as is the overreacting mum. We overreact on so many things that are OK and we need to see that it is OK. I have noted down things that I have overreacted to over the years of having my girls. Overreaction: My god my kids Continue Reading

Getting pumped

dead lifts

I joined a gym. Not sure why it's not like I have much time but I'm making it 4-3 times a week. I'm not usually one that sweats much so it doesn't look like I'm going hard at it. But gosh darn it I am. I bloody threw up on my first day there and no sweat to be seen. I do tend to drool more than I sweat. That's what the towels is for right? One day it dawned on me. Doing stuff in the Continue Reading

Yes I bribe my kids with technology!


  And it fkn works. Every night there is a fight over the homework. She's tired from a full day of learning and education and having boyfriends (a whole other story apparently he is the only boy-friend she has). She is in Kindi. I'm tired from a full day at work and just want to get home and do nothing. Home readers, spelling lists, sight words, maths sheet yadda yadda yadda.  OK Continue Reading