I’m on strike

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I’m on a strike. Not a food strike. I can’t live without my banana lollies and aloe vera juice.

I’m on a washing strike. Not all the washing so were not living in a pig sty. But washing the clothes of the 11yr old and the 9 yr old (soon to be 10 yr old). I’m just sick of the clothes thrown all over the floor of their bed room.

The many times I tell them to clean their room and the many times I tell them to put their dirty clothes in the washing basket is just draining. I even say to them “If you have clothes on the floor when I’m doing the washing I wont wash them”. Then I feel bad and pick up the washing and do it.

That’s where my problem lies. I haven’t followed through with my threat. So now I’m following through and have gone on strike.

Last time I washed their clothes was the 1st of November. The only time they noticed that I haven’t washed their clothes was the friday that just went past. They have been warned that I wont wash their clothes if their room is a mess.

Now this is going to back fire on me because then that will mean double the washing for me when they finally do it. But hopefully it is a lesson learned for them.

I wished upon a star that my girls would be taller so they would be able to hang their own clothes. But alas they have my genes…… and my husbands genes. They have no chance of being tall enough to reach the clothes line until they eventually move out.

I sometimes struggle to reach the damn clothes line.

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I seem to be making it up by washing the clothes of the 4 yr old and 2 yr old more often. Must I be missing doing the washing?

I have a whole system in place. The days where I do each rooms washing so that I’m only washing one load of washing a day for 3 days. 3 rooms 3 baskets 3 days. I don’t understand people who have to wash everyday (like my mum). Do you seriously only have one pair of undies, pants, shirt etc?

I make sure that my kids have 9 pairs of everything so that I can leave the washing for a day or two extra and the kids still have clean underwear and clothes.

I’m on strike and wont be completing any washing for the 11 yr old or the 9 yr old until they clean their bloody room.

I’ll be here for a while I think.


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  1. Lol my mum used to always threaten to stop washing my clothes. Why don’t you make them do chores for pocket money or treats, it works in our house.

    • I tried the pocket money thing. Thing is that I never carry cash with me so I had to remember to pull out some money from the atm then I needed to get change etc.

  2. Good on you for putting your foot down! I try to only wash a couple of times a week, alas my husband is one of those people who feels the need to wash everyday – I appreciate the help, but the never ending baskets of laundry to put away get a bit much sometimes! Good luck and keep us posted!

    • Oh god a basket a day to put away will make me go crazy too. But it’s kind of a win if he is washing it. If his not then I would stop doing it lol.

  3. Oh Salz, enjoy your strike. I would be feeling fed up too. My girls aren’t old enough yet to tidy their rooms but I do get miss 3 to pack her toys at the end of the day to get her into the practice of putting stuff away. Looking forward to hearing what happens next. :)

  4. I once took a bunch of my son’s clean – tossed across the floor and bed – clothes and stuffed them in a garbage bag. I hid them for 2-3 months. He still had clothes but not his favourites. He kind of learned a lesson and I washed less too because he had to wear same jeans/shorts a few days because that was all he had.

  5. Go girl, when enough is enough you have to take a stand!! I hope it works. Keep us posted :)

    • They soon figured it out and said why haven’t you washed our clothes. When I said it’s cause they are all over the floor they actually cleaned it up. Miss 9 said its hard to keep the room clean. Ha yeah I told her.

  6. You go girl :) I wish you strength and perserverance- your strike is AWESOME

    • thank you and after 13 days it ended today. I did their washing cause they got the idea yesterday that they are needing new clothes, undies, socks etc.

  7. Good on you. I hope it works and they clean their room and keep it that way. If it does I might be taking a leaf out of your book in a few years!

  8. oh good on you lovely, I hope you stay strong to your word and teach them a lesson!

  9. Go Mamma. Hope you have a good book to read in the mean time :). I remember my Mum going on strike, she put notices all over the house”put lid back on toothpaste etc etc……… I am afraid to say I think we just laughed at her. However in saying that all 3 of us girls are now pretty clean and organised so she must have been successful in her own little way.

  10. I make my kids do their won washing when the room gets like that, and hang it on clothes horses if they can’t reach. It drives me absolutely nuts!

  11. I do the same with my kids – if it’s not down the laundry chute, it doesn’t get washed. They learned that one very quickly when they ran out of school uniform. The key is to keep up with the threat & don’t cave – also make it easy for them with a basket in their room? (not sure if you already have one). My kids are 9 & 11 year old boys.

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