Leaving memories behind

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Photos, videos, paintings, scrap booking anything of any significance to leave a memory behind I’m afraid that I haven’t got much to leave behind.

With technology it makes us not develop those pictures into real life photos that we can look back on in 20 years time. It’s all stuck in someone’s phone, computer, usb stick or a 2TB hard drive backed up 3 times (except for my own hard drive).

I enjoy looking back at my own photos when I was little. Flicking through an old and frail photo album with discoloured pages. It brings back memories of when those photos were taken. I stopped developing photos after my 3rd child I think. I have no developed photos of my 4th.

I have to change this. My father in law isn’t well and we don’t have much photos of him. How are my little ones suppose to remember him and how cool he was as a grandfather if there isn’t any photos of him looking at his healthiest. I regret not taking more photos of him with the kids and I regret not developing any photos of my kids.

I’m not into the whole scrap-booking thing. Just takes to much time for me anyway. I once developed a photo book of photos of my 1st born 2nd born and 3 born which was nice and free. In that book I have a photo that captured the moment when the 2nd born realised she was the middle child. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

Our other 1TB hard drive was dropped and broken. The stuff on their not recoverable. Many photos and videos and documents. I regret not backing it up now they are lost. Gone to terabyte heaven.

Many moments lost. But I still have some moments.

The moment that father met daughter for the first time. The time where the kids had their first trampoline gifted to them by their Uncle. The time we went to the Gold coast for a holiday. That 9 months where we moved to Wollongong and lived by the beach. The time where we had a rottweiler named Huggy that was just as big as miss 9 yr old.  The day we bought huggy home as a 6 week old pup and the older two had a photo of the pup in their lap. The time that they had their birthday at the place that we are buying. The time where we went out on a boat and they”caught” a little fishy. Their first day of school. The time where one child grew her fangs before any other teeth came through. My very own vampire.

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Facebook is awesome for that I can go back to my personal Facebook and get my photos. It’s an online hard drive. I love looking back at them. Not only on my Facebook profile but my sisters profile and other family members.

I find this is what my blog is as well. My kids will want to come back here and read my stories I have written about them so they can see how they were as kids. It’s a very public diary.

So today what I am doing is emptying my phone, my old Iphone and Samsung tablet then any photos I can gather from Facebook and printing them. I can just see my kids 20-30 years down the track looking back at them and reminiscing those happy times but reliving the sad times.

I’m going to buy a nice photo album and write the date or year of when the photo was taken and who is in the photo.

* This revelation doesn’t coincide with the fact that my phone is running out of space and I need to get rid of the photos to make more room. Not at all.

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  1. I have been putting off doing the exact same thing. Good luck with getting it done!! Great photos too!!

    • I have just emptied the iphone and my samsung phone. Havent done the tablet yet. But i had like 700 photos on each phone. Bloody hell.

  2. I am the same Salz , have pictures all over the digital space but not much at all in print and the kids LOVE going through their iwn childhood pics so what a great idea to perhaps print and preserve, good on you :)

    • Yeah have to put them somewhere where the kids can look back at them. They would be a pain to lug around but still memories.

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