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kidz at work


Ummm I have not fallen off the face of the earth just yet people. I’m still here.

I have finally found the time to sit at my computer to write a blog post. I am now a working mother and I don’t know how you other ladies do it!!

Yep that’s it. I am officially a working class woman. Or mama what ever you prefer. And it’s damned hard. A lot harder I think because it is my own business and it’s 7 days a week.

In case you haven’t seen or heard we bough an indoor play centre. This indoor play centre to be exact Kidz Fun Factory in Minchinbury western Sydney. But really all I bought was a café with a huge playing area.

The kids for sure think I’m mother of the year. They couldn’t wait to brag about it all at school and tell all their friends and teachers. We have had many long afternoons their cleaning and fixing things.

It’s hard to organise my kids. Even though my school day working hours are 10-3 (which is awesome) I still need to organise the younger kids for the other 2 days that they don’t go to child care. Our business is also a 7 day a week one where on the weekends we are open from 9:30 till 5:30pm. Yeah no one would or wants to look after my kids then. My kids are a burden to them.

Thankfully we are in an environment where we can bring them with us. We’re going to equip the staff room with things for our kids like a TV and computer for them to just hang out in. And Internet! We need it. I don’t know how any business can survive without Internet.

I’m hoping that I can provide free Internet access to my customers. I think it’s a great idea to attract the work at home mothers or the students with kids. They can sit and relax and do their work while their kids play.

Another thing that is taking a toll is the house work. I think my floor hasn’t been mopped in over two weeks. Still looks clean cause we are hardly home any more. I think once we are all done with the upgrades and the cleaning we will be back to our normal routine.

There are many things I want to change in the service. One is the Internet. I also need to come up with a better way to clean the two ball pits we have. We cleaned out one ball pit and scrubbed by hand each and every ball. That took us half a day to do. I’m going to try to put all the balls in a fishing net and taking it somewhere to get washed properly. I would love to buy the automatic ball cleaner I found in the USA but its way out of my range. Hopefully I can make enough money to buy one one day.

Another thing this place is lacking is air-conditioning. I’m lucky because my husband is an air-condition  specialist and can get people to do it. But that still costs money. So many things I want to do now but I have to hold me self back so that I have some money left over for the bills and stuff. I still don’t know how much the bills will be.

Ah so tired thinking about it all!

The facebook page is Kidz Fun factory.



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  1. Congrats!! Good luck with it all.

  2. Wow! Thats a big job to take on but well done. I’ll be sure to recommend it to all my relo’s living out that way. xx

  3. Congratulations on your new business! It looks great, I’ll have to bring my girls over for a play one day so they can try it out :)

  4. congratulation for your business,, and good luck…

  5. Can’t imagine pulling those long hours with the kids in tow. Congrats! I take my hat off to you. X

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