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So I wrote about my cleaning mishaps of the passed month or so. I want you to share your cleaning failures/mishaps.

Don’t leave me all alone sharing my dirty messy house habbits that have been happening recently.

To win a Dettol pack like the one I got all you have to do is share your story below in the comments section. It could be after you had a baby and you let your house get so out of control because you were so busy. Or you had a massive party and some decorations or things are still their. Maybe you used something you were not suppose to use to clean something that needed cleaning.

Come forth fill in the form below and share your cleaning failures.

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* One entry per household
* Australian Residence only.
* Entries open 09/01/2014 and close on 16/01/2014 11:59pm
* Winners will be notified by email.
* If the winner does not reply to my email within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.
* Entries will be judged on merit and decision of the winner will be final.
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  1. With three kids 5yrs old and under I have become a master at creating the ‘illusion of cleanliness’, perfect for when expecting guests. Sweeping dust under rugs, shoving hoards of toys into closets and cupboards, throw rugs strategically placed over unmade beds and piles of washing, using baby wipes to spot-clean floors and surfaces. Within 15 minutes my home appears clean and tidy… Just don’t look too closely, lol! :-D

  2. With two little boys – there is no such thing as a clean home. It takes me an hour to clean the home and it takes them less than 5 min to create mess. So i clean once before sleeping at night and then don’t think much about the mess till the next night. I always fail in the cleaning game…

  3. I could smell something sinister wafting in the bedroom. Waking up when bub woke I walked past my handbag, stopped and discovered a mouldy apple in the bottom of it. Whisking it off with me to attend to bubby. Changing a dirty nappy I then went to the laundry to rinse the cloth nappy in a bleach solution. I also wanted to soak my fabric handbag in some disinfectant to get the rotting smell out of it. Still half asleep I filled two buckets, one for the handbag, one for the nappy. Without realising it I mixed up the buckets and put my very expensive handbag into the bleach bucket by mistake and went back to bed. Next morning I discovered a somewhat mottled cream creation of a handbag, totally ruined and looking more like a bad case of Thai dying. My girls were thrilled however, they got a lovely $120 handbag for their dress ups.

  4. What an awesome prize! We LOVE Dettol, one of the most clean smelling scents I can imagine

  5. I was recently toilet training my son and he thought he’d help out and empty his potty into my washing machine!! Yuck!! Without thinking I put some gel bleach into my front loader washing machine to clean it, it took a few cycles to get rid of all the bubbles oops!!

  6. Cathy Stone says:

    When we had our house on the market, we were given little or no notice as the real estate was only around the corner. Having a toddler running around making a mess, always wanting food, toys everywhere etc, did not help. Anyway, one day the agent told me they would be there in five minutes. I had dishes piled up on the sink, and toys, folding up and clean clothes everywhere. I quickly opened the fridge, put all the dirty plates and cups in the fridge, so It looked like the kitchen was clean, quickly wiped the bench so it looked spotless and then quickly put the toys in a garbage bag and put it outside pretending it was for the bin. I had a huge pile of folding up so I shoved it under the bed so the lounge room floor looked perfect. Little did the real estate know that my kitchen had been such a mess, the lounge room had been a cleaning disaster, but in the space of five minutes had it looking acceptable for people to come through.

  7. We have a puppy. All my previous ideas about cleaning and dirt have been changed forever! We spend our days sweeping, wiping, and hoping that today is the day she stops licking the floor, the chair, the coffee table….

  8. Rachel Thompson says:

    My biggest cleaning ‘mishap’ is, to be completely honest, more just forgetfulness. I’m known for making mess and putting it aside to clean later and forgetting about it. For example a spilled glass of orange juice on my wall (it fell off the table) left for weeks. A glass of ice coffee left in the hot shed for a few days. I even had to throw out one or two of my kids baby bottles because I’d leave them in the car too long after going for a drive or something. Everything eventually makes it’s way to the bin but not before it changes colour or consistancy!

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