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I loath the cleaning of the house. Or used to loath it now I just miss it.


What did I just say?

I miss cleaning my house. Well it kinda is true. See a little over a month ago we bought a business. Along with that as well my father in law has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. We haven’t been at home. The pro to that is that I haven’t cooked much. The con to that is that cause I don’t cook much my dishes hardly get touched. Because we haven’t been at home the other cleaning routines have been thrown out the window. Routines such as-

Routine 1:- Mop and vacuum the whole house every Friday. That’s when the little brats cuties are at child care and I have the whole house to my self.

Routine 2: Get the kids to do the dishes every night and empty the dishwasher. I do the pots and pans, wipe down all the benches and tables.

Routine 3: Clean the toilets once a week. Usually the same day where I have no one in the house to mess up the toilet again.

Routine 4: Get the kids to clean up and tidy the living areas as they get dirty. They also must vacuum.

Routine 5: Washing our clothes on the scheduled days.

So you can imagine my house and how dirty it is and how backed up in the washing I am. I can assure you though we still are not living in a pig sty. Little bits of cleaning here and there is keeping it at a level that is liveable.

In comes Dettol to the rescue. I received a package in the mail to trial out. It came with a bathroom cleaning spray, a general cleaning spray and a Dettol floor cleaning system.

I have used them all and they make things smell clean. You know that clean smell. I like that clean smell. As well as making it smell clean it does a great job at cleaning too.

My cook top turned out sparkly. I hadn’t cleaned it in over a month.

Dirty                                                                                                            Clean


The floor cleaner was my life saver when my sister-in-law wanted to come visit us after we had finished work. The kids were demanded helping to pick up all the toys, plates, cups and spoons and food. That was just off the floor. I didn’t have time to mop after they vacuumed so I used the Dettol floor cleaning system. It came in this box.


At first we thought they didn’t give us the mop head bit and stick. But it was all in that box. I just had to assemble the mop head and the sticks together and wallah.

The floor cleaner comes with disposable wet wipes that attach to the mop head it comes with. Then it’s as simple as gliding it over the floor. It has a smell of lime and mint and is tough on those stains on the tiles that were there just after I mopped back in November. It kills 99.9% of germs as you mop as well.

Truth be told the only down fall to this system is that it dries up quickly. But that was fixed by taking it over to the sink and giving it a splash with water. Lasts longer and still cleans the floor.

It’s great for those times in between your big mop of the house or in replacement of it. For now for me it’s in replacement of it and my house has never smelt so nice.

Look out on the blog soon for a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a Dettol Home Cleaning System.



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  1. I love sitting in a clean home too, even if it’s just for a few hours.

  2. Good to see you post again! I LOVE the smell of dettol, favourite cleaning product ever.

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