Learning to adapt

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School is back. Huzzah. I love school but wish it would go that little bit longer. Maybe an extra hour? In the afternoon not morning just to be more specific if anyone out there that has that control is reading this.

Am I seriously the only mum out their that loves sending my kids to school?

My 5 yr old started Kindi and she is loving it so far. She can’t w
ait to go back everyday. That will wear off eventually.

So not only do I have one starting Primary schooling I also have one finishing Primary schooling this year. So far I haven’t wanted to cry for any of my kids going to school. We will see when the last one goes if thats when it will break.

Im still unsure about this whole blogging thing now. I can do it but do I still really want to do it. Is it worth it if I can’t attend blogging events like DPCON or Kids Business brunches?

As for my family now. We are still adjusting to the new life as business owners and the hours involved in it. I need to get back into a routine but it doesn’t help when I change the hours of operation for the business.

Thats my problem. I need to know what will work for my business but then have to think of us and the kids as well.  Opening longer during the school week, is that going to impact us at all?

If I stay closing at 3pm am I lossing out on customers that would like to come for a play after school? Or customers that ring or pop in for information they will miss out on if I keep closing at 3pm.

Just gotta trial it and see how it goes I think.


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  1. Change is hard to understand and work with, I am also up in air about what I am doing at the moment and it is hard. I think you should keep blogging for the while and as your business grows, you might have chances to enjoy some of the benefits. Is it busy all the time at work, can you do some blogging while you are there?

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